• Klemen702

    Cats and Robbers

    June 5, 2014 by Klemen702

    Hello this is a game thingy for the ORIGINAL CHATCHAT, cat's and robbers.Here is how it's played:

    You must make a server dedicated to the game only (reason below)

    The robbers will stay in the no dogs room, while the cop has 3 fake cats as walls, the cop must make the robbers go to the fountian room randomly and make them do stuff, while there, the robbers can escape, the robbers must find a mouse and then go to the dog altar and turn into a dog to escape, they can then watch the cop treat the other robbers but they must not make them cheat, if a robber is near a cop by 1 tile he then must go to prison and redo.

    That is my game, this can make you patiently wait for chatchat deux, i hope you like it.....

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