Notice: THE PREVIOUS CONCEPT OF THIS GAME (CHATCHAT DEUX) HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY ABANDONED. Since Mid-2014, there has been no progress or development of ChatChat Deux. All the people mentioned under the Development Team have long since departed from their respective posts or have been in-active/defunct/obsolete since development has stopped. IF AT ALL THERE SHOULD BE A SEQUEL, IT SHALL NOT BE CHATCHAT DEUX. The concept was deemed too complicated and is therefore scrapped. Any remake of ChatChat would not be using CCD as it's base concept. THERE IS CURRENTLY A DIFFERENT CONCEPT FOR CHATCHAT'S SEQUEL UNDER WORKS. READ MORE BELOW. To conclude, a note for all other Aspiring Developers: Please keep in mind; NEVER make your concept ideas too complicated. Keep them simple and clean. You shall hopefully avoid the tragedy that has overtaken ChatChat Deux...

~Sincerely, AtomDestroyer24E/GlassChessX345/Adam Chesire


The concept for a sequel to ChatChat has been revamped and revised according to the 100th comment here but I've noted that some people still believe this old "ChatChat Deux" concept is what the sequel is going to be. Just to clear things out, IT (ChatChat Deux) IS NO LONGER CONSIDERED SINCE IT HAS BEEN ABANDONED AS PREVIOUSLY STATED. The current ChatChat Sequel concept is called CC Remake and the text file containing the concept has been linked in that comment.

Quick Read of the CC Remake

It has been taken into consideration that some of you might not be interested in going through all the hassle so, here is a link to the CC Remake.txt file right here: --((CC Remake.txt))--

And for the even lazier ones...

ChatChat Remake Changelog:

~New colors - Darker/Lighter variations of existing colors. 
 (Excluding Blue since there already is Sky Blue.)

 *8 Shades. [Dark Green, Peach, Gold, Dark grey, Red, Ivory, Fuchsia, Light brown]

 *Plus five new shades. [Lavender, Purple, Blue-gray, Navy, Black]
~Graphics overhaul - Complete change of the pixel art shall be made.

 *Additional new graphics shall be added for each new entity/item/area.
~New Stuff - More Areas, More textures, More things to do. 
 (Explained further below.)

 *Areas include Inside of and Around The House, Remake of the Alley area, 
  Mountains, Sandy Deserts, Twisty Caverns remade into Sandstone Pass, 
  Deeper Depths, Beachside, Pirate Lagoon and a Mouse Altar "Holey Cave".

 *Cat and dog variations and breeds. Fur patterns included.

 *Minigames such as; Fishing at river/shore/lagoon (Cats), 
  Digging for bones (Dogs), CATRIS (Tetris clone), Piano (Realistic),
  Hunting rodents (Both)
~Keeping things simple - The game will be basically the same as ChatChat.

 *This means no story mode shall be present.

 *This also means the game will be a spiritual successor to ChatChat since
  it'd be nearly similar to the game but at the same time, different as well.
~Lobby Remodelled - The Lobby shall now also function as a pre-server chat area.

 *Users can log in here via Kong or as guests (from other websites) and talk with 
  their friends and/or keep in touch with people whom they meet in-game.

 *They can use it to connect with others more easily and join "private" servers
  with ONLY their friends if they wish to group in a server.
~Controls and Commands - WASD for movement and cheat codes included.

 *This shall not interfere with the chat interface. 

 *Pressing Enter or Tab brings the chat up. Normally, the chat would be hidden.
  This allows the WASD and other text keys to function correctly.

 *Holding Shift would allow your cat/dog to sprint.

 *Space can be used to jump onto ledges, slightly higher places and such.

 *Action Commands can be issued through the chat. (Listed Below)
~List of Commands - For Cats (1), Dogs (2) and Mice (3) and the Game itself.

 *1 = meow, purr, screech, hiss, yowl
 *2 = woof, pant, howl, growl, whine
 *3 = squeak, squeal, chatter

 *Nap is universal, all can use.

 *Some in-game commands would be = mute, unmute, pm, broadcast and leave.

 *Mute and Unmute are used to silence or unsilence a user respectively.
  PM (or Private Message) can be sent to a single user and only they can see
  the message. Broadcast sends out a message across the entire server and all
  can see it despite being in different rooms. Leave causes you to leave the
  current server you are in.
~Secret Easter Eggs - Playable Mice, Hidden passage to the "Void" and more.

 *Mice can be accessed by a cheat code. Players must note that they can 
  be hunted by the others while playing as mice.

 *Void can also be accessed by cheating. It's the empty area beyond the map.

 *CATRIS is most likely going to be a hidden easter egg.

 *More Easter Egg ideas to be decided. They may remain as secret though.
  You'd only find out once the game is released.
~New Animals - Mostly huntable ones.

 *Fish would be a new food source for cats. The Dog counterpart is bones.
 *Other rodents such as rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels, etc. shall be added
  along with mice but will be unplayable unlike mice.
 *Birds shall make a rare appearance and can be possibly hunted but it would
  be hard to catch them before they fly away.
~Areas defined - All the areas in the game as they are going to be.

 *House; The Spawning point for all. Offerings can be left at the doorstep and
  the yard are explorable. You can go into the house later in the game after
  finding the key. There is also a Storehouse in the Backyard.

 *Forest; This would include the Northern Forest, Riverside Bridge and
  Fountain Glade. A river shall be flowing from the mountains and down to
  the Forest Cave in the Depths. The Tree House (Cat Base) is present here.

 *Wet Caverns; This would include the MushRoom, the Crystal Karst(Depths renamed)
  and Forest Cave. The river ends as a lake in the Forest Cave.
  The Dog Altar (Dog Base) is present here.

 *Sandstone Pass; The Twisty Caverns are now changed to include Pillar Plateau,
  Twisty Caverns, Treasured Canyon. The Holey Cave (Mice Base) is present here.
  The Music Room is also hidden somewhere in this area.

 *Downtown Alleyways; This would include Eastside Alley, Westside Alley and
  Backalley. These alleyways are linked to a Human Habitat (Suburban Sprawl).
  The Sewers and Graveyard can be accessed from here.

 *Mountains; This would include the Base, Summit and Peak of the mountain.
  The river starts here as a stream coming out from a small cranny at the Summit.
  There may be a secret abandoned human Observatory hidden somewhere here.

 *Desert; This would include the Rolling Dunes, Arid Plains and Tranquil Oasis.
  A human farmhouse can be accessed from here.

 *Beachside; This would include the Sandy Coast, Wavy Shores and the Rock Pool.
  The Pirate Lagoon can be accessed from here.
~Cat and Dog customization - Various breeds, fur patterns and textures for your
 very own four-legged, kitty (or puppy) avatar. These can be unlocked as you
 progress with exploration. You can name yourself too.

 *The letter limit for names would be around 20-25 characters. Numbers and
  symbols can be used too. (Eg; xXFireStar23$@$Xx)

 *Textures would include Very Furry, Normal and Short-haired.

 *Fur Patterns would include Calico, Spotted, Patched, Streaked and Tabby.

 *Generic Cats and Dogs would be available for those who do not wish to use
  a breed. For first-time players, the cat will always be the Generic breed.

 *Cat breeds shall include Persians, Sphynx cats, Munchkins, Bobtails, Siamese,
  Scottish Fold, Exotic Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Savannahs and Bengals.

 *Dog breeds shall include Labradors, Shiba Inus, Mastiffs, Pugs, 
  Scottish Terriers, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Huskies, Corgis and Dachshunds.

 *All of the breeds are only aesthetic and serve no purpose besides appearance.

 *Some of the breeds may not use the entire color combination potential.
  For 100% use of colors, the Generic Cat/Dog can be used.

 *ADDITIONALLY; Mice can be playable through cheating but will not have much 
  variation, unlike the cats/dogs. On a side note, all huntable rodents will serve
  a similar function like Breeds despite being different species.

 *The Rodents would be Rabbits, Chinchillas, Hedgehogs, Mice, Rats and Squirrels.
~Administration and Moderation - To keep 'em vandals outta the playfield.

 *Regular users who log in via Kong and guests who log in from elsewhere would 
  have access to the mute. They can use this to block out anyone who gets on 
  their nerves or bothers them.

 *A couple of chosen people shall be made into Moderators who have power to kick
  out anyone who breaks the peace and can ban users if they repeat their mistakes
  without any heed to pay attention to the rules even after being warned.
  However, Moderators have very limited and restricted power. Their power can
  be taken away by Admins if they do go rogue.

 *A very few selected and respected mods would go onto to becoming Admins. 
  These admins have entire power over servers and can close down any if they are
  by-passing the rules. They can also conduct multi-ban, ip-bans and multi-kick.
  However, the power they wield is still limited. Furthermore, they have to 
  request for IP-Bans and Server lockdowns. In the rare case they do go rogue,
  The Master Admins can remove their power and/or get voted by the others to
  remain a regular user or get back to being an Admin.

 *The Game Developer(s) is/are automatically put in the place of Master Admins.
  They'd have full control over the game itself and have unrestricted and
  unlimited power. They are just similar to Admins but can also put the game
  on brief lockdown if things go out of hand. However, they are also subject to
  getting their power blocked and/or removed if they go rogue and the others
  decide so. In the event this happens, the Second-in-Command gets the power.

 *Alongside this, there will be a few filters for the game. Swearing and Spam
  filters can be used by any user and can be toggled through the options.
  Anyone caught excessively swearing and/or spamming to abuse others shall be
  promptly kicked/banned. Any server name with a swear word or abusive material
  would be immediately closed down. For those who use the filters, the swearing
  is covered up and censored while the spamming is stopped after five lines.

 *As an added measure, there will be an option available for all to report any
  problem. The reports shall be stored in a report log for any mod/admin
  to view and deal with the trouble-maker and/or rule-breaker rightfully.
~Background Music -

 *The in-game music shall be taken from Eric Skiff's SoundCloud. (Link given.)
 *"Come and Find Me" - Title Screen
 *"Chibi Ninja" - Lobby track
 *"Jumpshot" - CATRIS track
 *"We're The Resistors" - Forest theme
 *"Digital Native" - Desert theme
 *"HHavok-main" - City theme
 *"Ascension" - Mountain theme
 *"All of Us" - Depths theme

 *It's not assured that these tracks shall be surely used in-game. The may be
  subject to change.
~Minigame Explanation - All the minigames as they shall be in the end.
 *CATRIS - As the name implies, a TETRIS clone. Not much else besides you could make
  your tetris blocks of cats (yes, the cats would form tetris blocks) face in any
  of the four directions when placing them. If this is done, even by accident,
  then, the whole row can only be cleared with cats facing in the same direction.

 *Fishing (Cats) - Obvious. The game will take place in a First person 
  perspective. You use your paw to swipe the fish out of the water and/or 
  stun them.

 *Digging (Dogs) - Obvious. This will also take place in a First person 
  perspective. You have to uncover buried bones and other items. You only need
  the bones and anything useful.

 *Piano - Can be found in the music room. Live out your fantasy of being a
  Piano Cat! You can control the keys on the piano using the QWERTYUIOP[]\ keys.
  The sharp/flat keys would be included along with the white ones.

 *Hunting (Both) - Both cats and dogs can hunt mice and other rodents.
  It would essentially be a seperate game where you chase after your prey in
  the current room you are in or try to lure them into your grasp while laying
  in wait.


And that, folks, is the current concept for a sequel to ChatChat. I hope you all are now properly informed and that I have cleared things out. Thank you for your patience.

~Adam Chesire (AKA AtomDestroyer24E AKA GlassChessX345)

Please ignore the striked-out text below and move down to the comments. Thank you for your time.

ChatChat Deux is DEAD:

~You can consider the following text to be a badly kept memorial.~

This page is a place to share your ideas on my (AtomDestroyer24E) thoughts about a game I'm going to make based on ChatChat. If you want to help me out, share some advice, give me a few tips, request me on whether you'd like to help me develop the game or just spill out your ideas, Please use the comments at the very bottom for that.

Introduction & Goal

ChatChat, the original game which will be the base for it's new tributary sequel, was made by Terry Cavanagh(( His other profile ))and Hayden Scott-Baron. Terry had worked on another more famous and popular game called VVVVVV. As for Hayden AKA dock, he had worked on Minecraft briefly. If it wasn't for them, maybe we wouldn't have had a great platformer or Minecraft Steve, respectively.

Terry has basically abandoned ChatChat. It was once an RPG game called KittyRPG which he couldn't completely finish before New Year 2012 because it was basically ruined in it's current programed state and he realized it would take atleast an year to fix it but, he wasn't interested in finishing it off so, he made the game into it's current form, ChatChat, and removed almost every feature that was once present in KittyRPG. He has basically left the game's source code to anyone who'd want to use it to make a new game. Luckily, nobody decided to do anything with the game. Recently, people were growing weary of ChatChat which has started to get boring for them and the many number of glitches made it worse... Therefore, it has been decided to make a sequel as a tribute to his works by the name of ChatChat Deux

The game has been planned out to remain faitful to the original motive of ChatChat, being an RPG. With ChatChat Deux, we plan to bring back the original plan for ChatChat, make it an RPG again. Some examples of the features that shall change the game are an XP system, the three animal factions, a story mode and some mini-games which can be played to collect food, fulfill a goal or just for fun.

Development of the game shall take place within 4 stages, or phase as they were originally known. These stages are as follows:

1. The Art (or) Organization Phase

2. The Development Phase (AKA The Alpha Phase)

3. The Reframing (or) Recoding Phase (AKA The Beta Phase)

4. The Completion Phase (AKA The Final Phase)

Currently, the 1st stage of development is still under process... In this stage, we shall have the basic framework salvaged from ChatChat and modified to better suit the features we plan to add. Meanwhile, progress on the art and various concepts shall be taking place. So far, we have created a lot of concepts for the game and we do not require any more other than an occasional breakthrough concept if we are stuck somewhere.

Game Engine, Programming Ideas and Other Dev stuff

However, Decisions have been made on what Game Engines we could use... Here are the candidates.

HTML5 coding with Unity Game Engine (OR) FlashDevelop + Flex with ActionScript3

HTML5 may be harder to implement out but, atleast, we can do things on our own pace instead of trying to rush through with the coding on the Flash Professional's trial version's period of 30 days. If HTML5 was going to be used, it may be used along with Unity. (This is one of the earlier options therefore, it may not make much sense if it's wrong.)

Unity seemed to be a good candidate plus, it's free. It's 3D but, a few 2D pixel games have been made on it... (I Am Level is an example of such games.) Currently, Unity seems to be a pretty useless and obsolete compared to the other options. After all, It was made mainly as a 3D game engine so, if there's no 3D in ChatChat Deux, then why use Unity in the first place? It just leaves a lot of the core engine features to waste...

Recently, there have been decisions to use FlashDevelop and it is noted from the source that has given us the information that this is a free, easy-to-use game engine for making Flash games instead of Adobe flash. Since this is currently the best option, after all, ActionScript 3 has been decided to be the main programming language, this is the most viable game engine. 

NOTE: To all those who are interested in programming, here's something you can try if you haven't heard of it before. (( The Programmer RPG ))

This game has very useful information on how to code a game properly and avoid most bugs. If you are truly into trying out programming, then, it's suggested you check the game out and learn all the basics you can. It would surely be helpful.

A Brief Span of the Planned Plans

NOTE: The plans are currently being revised again to make implementing them more easier. Currently revised and completed Sub-Articles have a bold heading.


Start-Up Screens & Hub

First, The title screen, logo and everything else will be different but similar to the current game and there will be credits at the bottom which, when clicked on, will show you the rest of the people who worked on the game. Normally, it’ll just display the main Developer and his Co-Developer, like in the original game. The title screen background will be red & white checkered. The logo will subtly be a little different from usual. Note; This may remain throughout the Beta phase.

After this, you enter the Cat Editor where you edit your cat’s color. The background here is probably wavy green and blue or pink and purple crosses. There will be an addition of 10 more new colors in-game.                                                                                             

Right now, the current game has 10 colors, Light Green, Tabby Orange, Dark Blue, Light Yellow, Light Grey, Maroon or Dark Red, Purrfect White, Hot Pink, Dark Brown and Light Blue.

Thus, Different shades for the existing colors will be added and also, thrown into the mix, a few new colors and new shades for those new colors. So, here are the 9 new shades for the existing colors: Dark Green. Light Orange, Dark Yellow, Dark Grey, Blood Red, Creamy white, Neon Pink, Light Brown.

Light Blue and Dark Blue, which are existing colors, will be joined together as two different shades of the same color. Thus, there are now 19 colors in whole.

Finally, 6 new colors will be added, Aqua color which will have Turquoise as a darker shade and Blue-gray which will have Navy blue as a darker shade. Also another color which has been requested popularly... Purple! And a lighter shade to match, which shall be lavender... Also in the choice, another color that has been frequently requested... Black. Now, there are 25 colors. Eventually, sometime during the Beta, fur patterns and eye color may be added to the options list allowing more detailing than ever before. There shall also be custom skins that can be unlocked and used in-game. Some fur patterns would be Tiger Stripes, Patches, Spots, Wavy, Mask and Calico. (NOTE: Mice won't have much options available.)

After editing and poofing up your kitty, you enter the Hub, a more advanced experimental Lobby which will include a chat and “friend finder” list with the names of all the people currently playing in a server and waiting in the Lobby. Hover over their name and you’ll know in which server they are in, if they are playing on one. If not, you can directly talk to them on the lobby chat. The game will check twice to see who’s there and who’s not there and will filter out people who are inactive. The fixed servers will be implemented at this point and up to 50 cats can enter the server. The Hub's background would be diagonal stripes of light grey and skyblue or maybe, a background that was never used by Terry in the original game. There will be an option to Create Rooms for people who have secured their rights to create custom servers.

On other notes, most of the backgrounds in the start-up screens will be moving diagonally, vertically or horizontally.

There will be custom servers soon and more cats, since I’d have implemented texture patterns by Phase 2 or 3. Private messages will be implemented. There will also be Custom boradcast messages that can be heard by every cat in the entire server, wherever they would be.


There are plans to add an adminstration system to moderate the whole game of trolls, vandals, spammers and cussers... There shall also be certain filters and blockers added. Very limited power shall be given to the users themselves but, any misuse if detected, shall be punishable by a Mod or Admin depending on how severe the problem is...

Mods, the basic level in the system, have the power to kick, ban and have full power over 1 fixed server. So, 12 Mods can work in shifts for each server since there are 6 servers. Admins have power over all the servers except they have some more power than Mods. They can freeze, kick or ban an entire population within a server at anytime if something goes horribly wrong within the whole server. But, they cannot disable the server from being used by anyone else who may come into it after an episode of moderation.

Master Admins will be the Game Developers or Admins who proved themselves and they can disable entire servers for awhile if they feel something is wrong with it. This will cause the server to be inaccesible to everyone. The final special level in the system will be the Room Mods. These mods are the ordinary users themselves who have only the basic power of kicking someone from the room. If they excessively kick people out, they shall be banned by a true Mod or Admin. Note, the creator of a custom server will instantly be given Room Mod rights. If he/she leaves, the server will have no Room Mod and may be subject to removal or allowing another person to take the Room Mod rights.

Also, incase any of these authoritarians do go corrupt, the game itself will automatically disconnect them from the game and give them a warning for their misdeed. Eventually, they can be removed from their posts through a voting poll which will decide whether they stay or not. If they repeat their mistakes even after they've been allowed to stay, they’ll be removed completely from their post by the game itself and banned from the game for a few weeks to years or perhaps forever, depending on how serious their misdeed was. This function will be present for serious trolls who cause serious damage as well.

There will also be spam and cuss filters that will give the user causing trouble a warning and block him from being able to send any more posts. Another approach may be that this user will be temporarily "muted" by the game. This makes it seem like the user isn't talking at all when observed by other people.

Gameplay, Upgrades and Inventory

As usual, you can use the arrow keys to explore the game. An alternative control scheme (WASD) can also be used now since you won't have the chat box constantly in use. To use it, you must hit Enter or Tab first and then, type. While not in use, you can use the WASD keys to move and EQ keys to swap through items.

The Game area will be larger than normal. There will be 9 sectors in-game. The House, Forest, City, Wet Caves, Dry Caves, Desert, Mountains, Deepest Depths and Beaches. Each sector contains 4 to 6 rooms. There will also be secret rooms within some of these sectors and some rooms have to be unlocked by finishing Story Mode.

You now have an inventory. You can carry upto 10 units of one type of item. Either 10 rats or 10 fish is allowed. There will also be upgrades that give a certain benefit like strength, attack power with the offensive upgrades like Claws and Teeth and access to higher jump with the passive upgrades, Paws and Legs. To get these upgrades, you need upgrade points or UPs. You get one UP for every 10 points you earn through offerings. Once you have atleast 100 upgrade points (1000 total points), you can get the last (secret) upgrade but, you'd need to max out the upgrades first before you do so.

There are 3 levels for upgrades: (For Claws, Teeth, Legs & Paws)

Level I starts with 5 UPs.

Level II increases to 25 UPs.

Level III maxes out at 50 UPs.

You may probably be able to use in-game money to buy yourself stuff like Cat nip, play toys and various other items using them. Cats, Dogs and Mice will all have a secret room where there will be a shop and store where they can buy items that are suited for them. Your items bought as a dog will remain when you change back into a cat so, you can always become a dog again if you want to use the Doggy items. The secret base of operations for dogs is a cave in the Depths sector called the Altar where they have a statue of a dog with mysterious properties that lets your cat unlock the option to turn into a dog. For cats, they have the Tree House in the Forest sector.

As for mice, they have a secret cave with dozens of holes where they can hide in at the Desert Caves sector. Here, Cats and Dogs just need to play a game with the mice (Whack-a-mole-esque game) to unlock the mouse. You may need to offer them the dead body of their evil and vile cousins, the rats, to get the final green signal for the unlocking or you can always just fetch them some cheese. (which only mice can eat but dogs and cats can find rarely.)

Skills & Leveling Up

Skills will be implemented as well. The basic skills included are speed, health, appetite, hydration and hunting. Once you get an upgrade (Like Claws and Paws), you will learn a special skill, like Strength (Teeth), Dexterity (Paws), Agility, Jump (Legs) and Attack (Claws) and gain experience which will level you up in that skill. Level 5 is the highest you can go with the Unique skills. (A Skill that only Cats, Dogs or Mice have) Level 10 for the others. Jump is an exception which maxes at Level 3. Here's a brief description of all the skills you can learn:

Fishing, a cat-only skill, will let you get more fish at once. Catch your first fish to start gaining experience. Max it out and You'll be fighting with the beast of the seas...

Digging replaces the Fishing skill in cats when they turn into a dog. Dig a random spot or try for a bone to start learning this one. Max this one and you shall be unearthing archaelogical treasures, suitable for doggies.

Harvesting (A Mouse Skill) replaces Fishing and Digging. Using this, mice can harvest grains, fruit and maybe some cheese... Try to get your first grains from the Farm to Eastern side to start "harvesting" the exp. Get it to the Max and maybe your mouse would be one heck of a farmer...

Agility increases your speed. Keep running around till you get this one leveled up. Requires Paws I to start learning.

Attack increases your attack power. Max it out and you'll be able to deal one-hit kills to the weakest of foes and serious damage to the strongest. Fight your first battle after you get Claws I upgrade to learn this one.

Strength increases your durability in battle. You can withstand more attacks with this skill levelled up. Get hit a few times to gain some skill in this one. 

Dexterity allows quicker movement and reflex during a battle. If you have maxed this out, nothing can stop you from zipping through any battle. Requires Paws I upgrade to start learning.

Health gives you more health so you don’t die even if you don’t eat. Eat something and heal to gain more health and max this out. (Yes, you eat the stuff you catch.)

Appetite increases your stomach’s hunger bar which makes you want to eat less cause you get filled and healed faster by little food. Eat more food and try to use up most of your hunger bar before eating something to start acquiring this one.

Hydration increases the amount of water your body can store. This would be very beneficial when exploring the Desert and Dry Caves. You may need to empty most of your thirst bar and then, drink plenty of water to gain exp in this one.

Jump allows you to access higher areas. It will probably help you discover secret places and maybe, you may find the mysterious empty world once you're able to jump really high. Just max out the Paws upgrade to fully learn this one.

Finally, Hunting improves chances for you to find more rats (and bones for dogs)… Hunt for prey, Search for food or Dig at markers to start learning and successfully catch them to gain exp. (Paws  Needed.)

Food Stuffs & Secret Items

There will be different food systems based on whether you are a dog, cat or mouse. Here's a brief description...

Cats can catch rats now since Mice are now NPCs and playable characters and it would be awkward if you were able to actually catch a player and eat them. A Rat is worth 1 point and can be found virtually everywhere and the most commonly found item after small bones and grains. Then, you can find fish in the river at the forest and the forest cave lake... Maybe, there would be some ocean fish in the Pirate Cave lagoon. Fish are worth 2 points each and can’t be caught immediately once you start cause you need to sharpen your claws to Level I to be able to fish them out of the water. They're still harder to catch than rats though. But, rats and fish aren't the only creatures that can be hunted. You can sometimes catch … BIRDS! Yes, birds. (Kinda forgot about them.) These birds are worth 5 points each so, 50 points for 10 birds and you can store upto 5 birds at a time and it doesn't matter even if you are already carrying rats or fish. But, they are somewhat really hard to catch. If you are fast and agile enough in hunting and speed, you can catch them easily without miss but, be a little less agile and you won’t even get a feather… (Maxed out Agility and Speed = Pounce success every time.) Then, There shall be a beast of the seas... WHALES! Cats can catch whales once they master their fishing skill and 1 whale is worth 10 points. You can have only one whale at a time, by the way. Just like birds, You can carry a whale despite the fact that you may have other items in your inventory... Whales can be found at the Pirate Cove since the Cove actually connects to the ocean. (These are baby sperm whales which are somewhat bigger than cats and dogs... and dogs don't need whales anyways.)

For rats and birds, there will be a small hunting mini-game in which you can catch upto 3 of either animal depending on which one you encountered. As for fish and whales, you would need to play a fishing mini-game. Depending on how well you can fish, you'll be able to get 10 fish in no time but, then, there's a time limit. As for the whale, it would be the hardest to catch needing you to hit the whale a few times when it surfaces to breathe till it dies and surfaces belly up.

Dogs have bones instead of Rats and fish or birds… The small bones that will be laying around or just hidden beneath the surface will be worth 1 point… The medium sized bones are worth 2 points and they have to be dug up by digging (There will be markers for the places where the bones can be dug up but you'd get the bone at a ratio of 5:1.) and then comes Human bones. Yes, human. (There's going to be a Graveyard.) But, you can normally find large bones hidden deeper underground. These will be worth 5 points and are harder to find. (10:1 ratio) Finally… DINOSAUR bones are for dogs like whales are for cats, these are worth 10 points each and are really REALLY rare and can be found only with digging, really deep… (Probably 50:1 ratio) Hunting increases the odds of finding various stuff (except for special items.) The dino bone can be only found in the mountains and Desert, it's very rare to get due to that. Maybe, you could even find some in the Ruined City Museum after you dig through the rubble. Besides following a similar pattern in their food system, dogs also have an option to catch squirrels and rabbits which aren't worth any points but can be eaten as food. They're the only faction who has such special food.

The digging mini-game is fairly simple. You may need to mash the up and down key repeatedly till you get the bone. You may find a bone depending on how well you performed and how much skill you have.

Mice, once added, will also have a different set of foods which only they can eat, just like Cats and Dogs. The 1 point food is Grains which can be found scattered in the Forest, Desert and The Farm. 2 points foods are Fruits which can be found mostly in the forest and occasionally in the Mountains. Then, there's old cheese, the 5 points food, which is usually found in the City, mostly in the ruined super-duper-ultra-market. (The humans got crazy with the names as they advanced further, apparently.) Then, there's the best food that all mice seek... DURIANS! Despite durians being just as stinky as they were when humans were consuming them, the mice seemed to have taken a liking to it's pungent smell and sweet flesh. It's so highly regarded among their Agriculture based society that it's worth 10 points. It's a fair price since they are really rare and can be found almost everywhere but you never know when you'd spot one...

The Mouse mini-game, harvesting, is basically and side-scroller where grains or fruits will be falling from above and you must catch them as fast as you can. Note: Most of these mini-games last only around 5 to 10 seconds.

Secret items will be placed in the game and these items can be held by only 26 different people (26 is the number of colors for the cats, mice & dogs so, each person with a different color can have it.) for a time limit of say... a day? Also, these items are found in the shed in The Backyard and inside The House respectively. The items are … Fishing rod for Cat (Master Fishing to use.) Shovel for Dogs. (Master Digging to use.) and Hoe/Reap/Scythe for Mice (Master harvesting to use.) Pills, Shoes, Burger and Item Sensors are extra items that can be used by both cats and dogs. (Helps with Health, Speed, Appetite and Hunting respectively.) These items will be inside the house and the shed and you can get in only after finding the secret password somewhere in the Mountains… (This is where the River starts from as a stream and the special place is at the top of the Mountain, hidden... You may need co-operation with dogs to reach there...)

There will also be secret upgrades that I've mentioned earlier... maybe, you'll find out what they are once you figure out where all the humans went and what exactly happened to your masters... Claws IV, (Rechargeable Ultimate attack) The Star (Rechargeable Invincibility) and Paws IV (Rechargeable Teleportation) are just three of the rest that I would implement as secret upgrades.

Social System, Chat and Other stuff

There's a social in-game system that's based up on how Dogs, Cats and Mice rules behave and work.

Cats, the stars of the game, are a laidback, peaceful and social group that's part of a huge tribe in the area. Their society revolves around the process of hunting for their food. Their physical profile, when compared with the others, is basically an all-rounder type. They lack the strength and buff that dogs possess but, they got their fierce claws and graceful moves in combat. They've had frequent wars with the Dogs in the area and don't really mind the mice who live farther east. Despite the cats lacking the agility and speed of the mice, they have just enough speed to escape a potential threat. They can be compared to primitive hunter-gatherer societies of Human-ruled Earth.

Dogs are the more aggressive and militant society that revolves around Ranking systems and a code of honor similar to Samurais and Knights. Due to their society revolving around the gathering of bones and scavenging them up, they've become a major part of their food and dogs rarely rely on other sorts of foods, except for the occasional squirrel or rabbit which they can't resist and must chase. The Dogs may lack the agility that mice and cats have but they make up for it with their brute strength plus defense and sheer force of their bite. Despite having a major flaw in their agility, dogs can speed through areas in just a few seconds but, they aren't as agile and quick to reflex as Cats and mice are. Dogs can be compared to the Warrior classes and societies of Humanity.

Finally, Mice... They are pretty much the newcomers (or newly discovered) group of mice who live in the Desert Caves and have a very peaceful society based around gathering of grains, fruits and most plant products with the rare exception of cheese, which the humans made and got them accustomed to it. Since they heavily relied on plant stuff that had to be grown again to be gathered, they eventually discovered how to plant and grow their own food in a manner resembling Agriculture, thus being the first ever creature after the humans to be able to do so. The Mice were found hiding in the caves by a team of dogs and cats who discovered them on a field trip to discover new areas. Since then, they've been ignored by both the factions who just wanted to fight between themselves or secure an uneasy alliance. The mice never bothered and went on with their ways... The mice may be the weakest of all the other factions but they are the speediest when compared to the others. They can easily outrun a cat which decides to chase them and outsmart dogs who play dumb with them. Mice can be compared to the more advanced yet primitive Farming cultures of the World in which they once hid in.

Gameplay won’t change much other than points now having use so, the game will be the same as usual… Chatting, Laziness and everything else is still present for those who want it and now, the chat will get interesting too… Incase anyone spams or cusses in the chat, The spamming will trigger the person to have a “chat freeze” coupled with a warning. As for cussing, since the words will be censored, the person just gets a warning and if the person keeps doing it again and again, he may get kicked or banned by a mod… and that’s as far as I can go cause, the game won’t figure out if he’s cussing or not if he decides to act smart. Either way, you have options to have the cuss and spam filter on for you so, if someone spams and they get a warning, you won’t notice their spam. Same goes for cuss. They would be silenced for awhile as pre-caution. That's why. You can also choose to ignore (or mute) certain people whom you dislike and *poof* They are gone for good. You won't even see their face or badly designed cat in the game. (You can reverse this if you feel pity fo' the person by unmuting them in the Lobby chat, Their name would be at the very bottom.) There will be a few emotes and stuff in-game and a few new commands and secret cheat codes...

There will also be an option for you to change your name and choose a set of names you’d use in-game in the options. Upto 10 names can be chosen. Also, You won’t have any imposters since the game will now watch everything and note down what color cat is in which room so, no two cats of the same color will be found. Also, same technique will be used for the name.
Also, the graphics will be brand new yet as similar as ChatChat can be. And I even intend to put up a Gender system so cats can choose which gender they should be. (Females will look like…females [That is, how most female characters look like in cartoons] in-game. Males will be normal.) Also, once I fix the color glitch in a new update and add texture patterns, there will be virtually unlimited number of cats in-game (Upto 100 cats in each fixed server.)
As the game gets popular, I’ll put in more updates like Music, more items and skills and do whatever the public asks as long as it isn’t too hard. For now, if my direct update right after the game is made, it will have ambiances and more sounds.
And as I feel this game getting better and better, I’ll implement new areas and make Mice playable and Rats (which are the new mice-like creatures implemented) will remain as huntable creatures… Mice will be NPCs in the direct update, with whom the cats can battle and get points from them, 25% of whatever points they already had. I currently plan to make even NPC versions of Cats and Dogs. The Dog version will be known as the Resistance. (They're the "good" guy dogs while normal dogs are the "bad" guys.) They'll be hidden in the City which will be a modified Alley designed to look like a Semi-Futuristic Metropolis. Then, The Alley cats... These guys hide somewhere between the large buildings and they even have they're own headquarters within this "alley". (It's just the inside of a large ruined skyscraper) Also, these guys are the real bad guys and will try to stop our cats from reaching their destiny by trying to kill them. There are also Barbarian Rats who are evil, wild & untamed cousins of the mice who seek to destroy everything that the mice have ever made. They are barbaric, brute and more powerful than the mice but, cats have been keeping them under check thus, leaving the mice to least worry about the rats.

Story Mode & Quests (Story included)

The game will have a story mode and certain quests that can help you either with free useful items or food, maybe even some money/UP. Once the quests are done, you may choose to "work". Repeat quests that can be done again to start earning a lot like in a job. But, you have a drawback... The Requisites will increase as you keep repeating the same quest.

The story mode is fairly simple. You still need the multiplayer for this cause you need some help to complete the story. The story is basically about a myth and legend of an unknown being that was spotted on the mountains a few years after the Humans went extinct. The Cats, Dogs and Mice all heard about it and wanted to find out what it was because they wondered if that creature could know why the humans disappeared and why their overlords disappeared all of a sudden. One myth says the creature was in human form but nobody's sure... Other's say, it was probably a cat. Yet more say it was a dog or mouse. By now, whether you realized or not, The cats, dogs and mice had started up primitive societies due to being affected by the sudden loss of their powerful overlords who kept them in check and gave them shelter, food and happiness. The natural force had pushed them into securing the emptiness left up by humanity and they eventually discovered everything the humans once had, except fire and the power to truly manipulate their surroundings like humans do... with their hands. The closest they ever got was with Agriculture which the Mice had secretly discovered without either of the factions knowing about it, The dogs' code of Honour, which was similar to the Samurai Bushido code and the Knight's honor of the past when humanity thrived and the Cats' Hunter-Gatherer society that was basically a tribal community that lived in the Forest. The leftovers of humanity is plentiful enough for such societies to survive and thrive. Infact, there are rumours of other animals following in the same pursuit as the Trio of factions. You, the player, are tasked to find and confirm these rumours by first revealing what the legend truly is and possibly, the reason as to why we all are here... without our masters guiding us. Who knows? Maybe, you'd make contact with another animal civilization... one that's possibly highly advanced and similar to humanity... Maybe, they'd be just beyond the mountains...

NOTE: The plans are currently being revised again to make implementing them more easier.

A Guide through the Possible End-result of the Game (Detailed UI & Gameplay explanation.)

I haven't really explained about UI & Gameplay properly so, here's how the game is played and managed by users...

User Interface

You start off at the Title Screen which has a roll-over credits menu at the bottom displaying the developer's names which can be dragged up to reveal the rest of the team members' names. If you either press Enter, Space or just click on the screen, you'll be transported to a Editing Screen... Here, you'll be able to choose a name, pick a color out of the 26 different options (A secret color will be available too but, that's a secret...) choose which gender you (or your cat) should be and maybe even select as what creature you want to spawn as... maybe a dog or mouse? (Requires you to unlock them first.)

After you are done with making yourself an avatar, you'll be transported to The Hub, a revamped lobby with the usual server list and also an entire game chat beside the server list which allows you to connect to other people currently in the Hub and playing the game. You can even track out which server the person is currently in and join them.

Also in The Hub, you'll have an option to continue playing as a Guest, (if you don't have a Kongregate account.) or maybe choose to be an Advanced Guest (First time players who have a Kongregate account.) or make an in-game account which is just a name and a simple password. (Works for both Guests and A-Guests.)

For those who have the Guest account, they can't choose a name but they can choose a color from a limited palette. (Just 10 colors) Their names will be randomly chosen and can't be changed but can be randomised... (You'll be given any sort of name that a cat could have like ... Fluffy, Whiskers, Tails, Shadow, etc...) Guests will be able to play the game as long as they like but they won't be able to save their in-game status. (Guest names would be Grey to show that they are indeed guests.)

As for Advanced Guests, they have everything unlocked and more freedom than normal guests. They will be able to pick a name for themselves which may not be used if someone else is already using it... If that's the case, the game will ask you to use another name or a random name like normal guests... Advanced Guests are basically like the average player but they have to re-type their name again and again every time they get on the game. Luckily, their name will be remembered by the game so, it won't be given to another player if it isn't in use. If the name isn't used for more than a month, it's up for grabs again.

Finally, for people who use in-game accounts, they have full freedom and access to the game. They can choose a permanent name which they can change at anytime. They'll also have options for having up to 9 other names that they can use... If you choose to get an in-game account, all you need to do is type in the name, a password, choose whether the game should keep you signed in and Register. Simple as it is. If at anytime you accidently log out for whatever reason it may be, Just go to Log in where you'll only be asked for only your password. If you do want to re-type your password & username everytime you play, just don't choose the keep me signed option...

If you have a Kong account, you can log in into the game through that instead.

Once you played around with the account system, you can now have access to the Hub. All three levels of users have control and access to The Hub depending on which level they are. Guests can't use the chat to ... chat while A-Guests and normal users can use it but, all three of them can use it to find their friends (or enemies). A-Guests and Normal users have the option to use a Friend list or a mute function so they can friend people whom they like and mute people who bother them. The Hub chat is basically just a place where you can find out more about who's in which server and where you can go. Talk with them too if you like. Beside the chat, there will be a List of servers, 6 fixed servers and custom servers. Custom servers can only be made by Normal Users who have got special rights from a mod or an admin/dev. These Users will most likely be like Mini-mods, they have power over the entire server and can control who comes in and who stays out.

Eventually, in a new update for the game, I may make the Hub into an Interactive Lobby, complete with NPC receptionists at reception desks. This lobby will be reminiscient of hotel lobbies and such. Once you get past the starting title screen and cat creation screen, you'll be now in the Interactive lobby. Your first interaction would be at the reception desk one, if you wanted to register up for an in-game account or sign in if this is your second visit. The other desk is for Kongregate Users Only. Here, if it's your first time, you'll be asked to validate your Kong account and then, sign into it. After that, you'll need to set your password which will be asked later on for you to sign in through your Kong account into the game. After registering/signing up, you are now free to pass on to the Lobby room. Here, you'll meet other cats who'll be waiting there. You can talk with them or catch up with your friends if they are around there. If you can't find your friends here, You may use the Friend Finder booth in this room which has a list of the people you friended in-game and shows who's online and who's not. It will also show you in which server they are in. If they aren't in any server but online, it means they will be in the Lobby. Once you are done deciding upon which server you should go to (or after playing the collection of mini-games at the Arcade.), You can now go to The Elevator. Here, you must choose which server you want to go to... The Elevator will go up if you choose one of the fixed/permanent servers. Otherwise, it will go down if you choose a custom/temporary server made by someone. This won't work like a real elevator though... Since you are actually transported to a server instead of going to a floor in the hotel, the elevator would work more like a teleporter... Or maybe, you just didn't know that the hotel you saw was actually something more secret and sinister.....

Detailed Gameplay & An Exploration Guide

After you choose a server, you'll be transported into the game area... Likely, your first footstep would be inside the Tutorial cave. Here, you'll learn all the basics and understand the gameplay before heading out. You'll also acquire your first Paws upgrade to start out and may even find your first few prey to gain some upgrade points to start out. Once you're done, you'll be moved to the House. Here, you may explore the current room or head out to other rooms. You may choose to go to the City, Mush Room (Wet Caves sector), Twisty Caverns (Desert Caves) or just head out to the River (Forest). They are located to the North, South, East and West, respectively. You may find some prey somewhere around here... and maybe, encounter some players along the way or you may even find a wandering NPC who may ask you for a quest or two.

You may choose to explore some more areas and go to the Desert (South-East), The Beach or the Holey Cave[Mouse base] (North-East), The Lagoon and Dog Altar[Dog Base] (South-West) or maybe to the Tree House in the Forest [Cat Base] or the Mountains (North-West) or you may go ahead and complete your current quest list that you may (or may not) have acquired from a NPC.

If you choose to be in the House, good for you! There's a lot to explore here so, it's best you run around and try to find a way into the House in the middle. If you couldn't suceed, why not explore the Backyard and Sideyards and mess around with the plants and other stuff? If you get bored, you can take the exit and move to other rooms...</strike>

If you chose to take the Front exit at the Front yard, you'll end up in the Mushroom Cave or "Mush Room". Not much here, other than giant mushrooms and some small ones that you can play around with it. Also in this area, you'll find The Forest Cave Lake, a cave that connects the Depths to the Forest and it also has a small lake in the center, The Depths, a creepy looking cave, The Dog Altar, a cave deeper in the Depths adorned with bones and Doggie stuff, The Pirate Cove, A sinister cave with a small lagoon in the center that's connected to the sea... There's a sunken pirate ship in the center of it. And finally, a few secret rooms that you'll stumble upon eventually.

If you chose to take the Left exit at the West Sideyard or if you chose to go through the Forest Cave Lake in the depths, you'll end up in the Forest. Here, you'll find the River upon your first entrance... Luckily, there's a bridge over it for you and the others to get across to the other side. Once here, you may choose to go the other rooms in this area, which are, The Northern Forest, the forest that connects you to the City and the Mountains. There is also a stream here, Then, There's the Green Fountain room, the forest with a fountain who's water runs green... literally. It's green in color. You can also go to The Tree House, a cat base adorned with cat stuff, here. There's also another Tree in the Northern Forest, if it catches your eye. If you chose to go through the Northern Forest to the mountains, you'll end up at The Base of The Mountain. The Mountain is now as Mount. Tribus (which literally means Three in Latin ... Plus, it only has Three rooms.) You may chose to explore the Mountain and try to reach the top. Your next step to reaching the Peak is to go to the Summit. Here, you'll find the source of the river... a tiny stream that flows all the way down from the Mountain's melting glacier. Once you reach the Peak, you'll discover that the top most part is still inaccesible to you. You haven't truly scaled this mountain... But, you will eventually once you are done with your true quest of finding out where your masters went...

Once you are done exploring the Mountain, you are now free to travel to The City. (I shall continue this later.)


Game Development Team

Currently, awaiting more people to join. Evaluation and Assignment to a suitable position is based on your knowledge in programming, your skill in art or your creativity in thinking up ideas or making music.

NOTE: This game is being made as OPEN SOURCE (AKA a free online game). If you are truly interested in helping out in making this then, you shouldn't expect any "monetary compensations".

(Needed: Extra programmer with expertise knowledge in coding and tons of tips in programming.)

Main (Active)

Me, AtomDestroyer24E/GlassChessX345/Adam Chesire: The Brains behind this, Ideas Developer and Game Director, Main Pixel Artist, Programmer, Game Developer and Musictrack Concept Creator.

Klemen702: New Co-Developer, Possible Programmer and Pixel Artist

RandomStoryKeeper: Musictrack Developer and Audio Manager.

Susidiary (Uncommonly Active)

Blade Rootes: Concept Art creator and Pixel artist. (Returned after Resignment)

SkyFinder: Landscape/Background Pixel Artist, Art Assistant. (Inactive, may not be credited)

NutellaMouseGaming: Pixel Artist No.2, Beta-Game Artist, Secondary Concept Artist. (Inactive, may not be credited)

Planned & Undecided (Inactive)

MetaEtanium42/JoafTheLoaf: 2nd Co-Developer, Pixel Artist, Ideas Manager. (Undecided)

rubygamertag: Back-up Pixel Artist. (Planned & Undecided)

Formerly Decided/Resigned/Retired (Inactive forever)

Blade's dad: Plausible Server Code Programmer, Possible Third Programmer. (Formerly Decided)

Frostyflytrap: Co-Developer, Art Director, Pixel Artist and Art Manager. (Resigned and possibly, may return.)

Special Thanks

Thanks to all the people who had given the ideas (and started downrating ChatChat.) to have pushed me into deciding to making ChatChat Deux reality. I promise you all, I'll definitely have a working beta by the end of this year (2014) and a full working game around early 2015 which is very likely. I shall commence development around Mid-2014 after I finish my current school year.

I'd also like to thank all the programmers, advisers and people who decided to help me out and make this game a reality. Thanks to you all, I'm now on the right track for the development and hopefully, I'll be able to finish the game quicker than I expected if I try to maintain the pace that you suggested for me.