Cave Chaos 3D
Released Somewhere in mid-year 2014 or 2015.


Prequel/Sequel Cave Chaos, Cave Chaos 2
Cave Chaos 3D is a fan game inspired by Nitrome's Cave Chaos series. It is a tribute to Nitrome and Cave Chaos itself. It is a 3D puzzle, building, adventure game with some things based off the games, Minecraft, Temple Run, Spore, and Bad Piggies.



The Brown Miner is called at work by his boss to go on a special mission on Cave Island. He accepts and took a plane ride to the island bringing his girlfreind along. When the plane was approaching the island, mysteriously, the plane got hit by reasons unknown and crashed into the depths of the island.

______________________________________________________________________________________________ This is when the player takes control of the Miner. The main goal is to locate the base and keep away from the Cave-dwellers.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Cutscene 1: The BaseEdit

The Miner meets his friend at the base. His friend, shocked to see that he survived the crashed, explained what caused the plane crash.

"Mr Nibles was nibbling on the plane like a gremlin." He said.

"It's strange why the cave-dwellers come out of the caves by now." 

He gives the Miner the needed tools, a hammer, a pickaxe, a utility belt, and a hard hat with lights. He instructs the Miner to inspect the Starfish Cove then report the situation.

______________________________________________________________________________________________ The player takes conltrol again and has to locate the cove unknowing that a trap is set at the entrance of the cave.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Cutscene 2: Falling in the DeepEdit

As the Miner was about to enter Starfish Cove, he heard rumbling sounds benesth him and the ground beneath him started to fall apart causing him to fall into the caves below. Once he falls to the bottom, he says "I have to get out of these caves. But how?" He hears some bats holding some rocks for him to jump on. "Oh! It's the month when the bats take our garbage stuck in their homes out. I can jump on those rocks until I finally get to the exit of the cave which is exactly where they're going. I must be careful though, the bats may not handle my weight when stay on their luggage too long"

______________________________________________________________________________________________ The player has to jump on the rocks but not for a long time. The game view mode is changed to side scrolling view.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________