A list of locations in Cave Chaos 3D


The main island in Story Mode or in Exploration Mode the plains. There are different types of places in the overworld. Plains, desserts, swamps, lakes, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and more.


The Underworld is mainly composed by the caves the Miner has to escape from.


To get to the Sky islands, the Miner must search in the deepest cave in Exploration mode and in Story Mode, is located in the volcano. There, the miner will find floating rocks that he can charge by friction so that the rock will float higher untill it gets to the sky. To get down is harder since the Miner would die if he'd jump. So it get down, the Miner must place heavy items from the sky islands on the floating rock to get back down. Alternatively, the Miner could just charge this over deep water so that the Miner could get down without troble.


Underwater, there are even caves and sunken mineshaflts. It's at the bottom of the sea in story mode, so it's advisable to craft an oxygen tank before going there.