The list of mobs in Cave Chaos 3D.

Hostile Mobs


Pushy will push the Miner in the direction it's facing and won't stop. It can be easily avoided when you force it to attempt to push you off the edge then if the player jumps, Pushy will fall off. Pushy will give the player pushy bones for pistons once killed.

Captain Toungue

Will drop his tongue whip and can be by the Miner used as weapon


Will give slime when killed. Slime can also be obtained from the slime he drops.


A gigantic spider. It will trap you with its web. Gives string at death.


Does nothing but push you strongly with its tumor.

Dyna - Mo

Will give the player pre-made dynamite and a bag.


Tries to jump into your ear. It will control you and will force you to run in the direction you're facing. You can be protected by using ear muffs. They can be removed by drinking lemon potion.

Mo & DJ

Gives a spiky shell and a glowing ball.

Mr Nibbles

Grabs on to you then bites you causing it to slow you down your walking speed.

King Anthur (Ant Eater)

Blows Bubbles that when something touches it, it encloses it in the bubble and floats upwards until it hits something sharp. Gives Bubble residue when killed.



His skull is achieved when defeated and it also serves as a home.

Passive Mobs

Onekey Tribesmen

Canopy Monkeys